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OutlineText (lightweight markup language) | Welcome!

OutlineText is a lightweight markup language that has been developed to make the outline of a sentence easier to understand at the plain text stage. Unlike other lightweight markup languages (Markdown, AsciiDoc, ReStructuredText, …), the indentation represents the hierarchical structure of the text. This makes the hierarchical structure of the text easier to understand visually.

To see an example of OutlineText, please check this web page. This web page is written entirely in OutlineText. You can check the plain text of OutlineText by clicking the View the source code of this page at the bottom right of the web page.

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Syntax | OutlineText (lightweight markup language)

This section shows the syntax of OutlineText. It’s basically similar to Markdown, but the indentation behavior is different. If you take care to write easy-to-read text, OutlineText will be interpreted and structured naturally.

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